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There is currently an increased demand for products that offer protection against the virus. We have selected a number of products that will help prevent the spread of the virus or help relieve symptoms.

What should you look out for?

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Since December 1, 2020, there is a duty of masks for publicly accessible spaces, both indoors and outdoors. These mouth masks are mandatory for everyone from the age of 13. IHealthcare’s mouth masks are Type II R, which means that they offer you the protection you need while wearing them.

Our mouth masks are included in some of our packages and are also available separately.

Hand gel

Disinfection and protection of your hands is now very important. You cannot always wash your hands on the road and in publicly accessible areas (indoors or outdoors). It is therefore recommended to disinfect your hands at these times with hand gel.

Among our products you will find different packages and loose sales of our hand gel. Our hand gel is sold in bottles from 75ML to 1L.


At the moment there is no vaccine against COVID-19 (yet). Until it is available, we must protect ourselves by wearing mouth masks, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters, using hand gel, etc.

If you still get complaints such as: fever, cough and / or cold? Then we recommend that you stay at home and contact your doctor and / or go to www.coronatest.nl for a COVID-19 test appointment.



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